(2015) AVATAR NTCCC Fall Leadership
(2015) Family and Community Engagement CSOTTE
(2015) NISOD Transitional Courses TX style
(2015/10/20) AVATAR CPC Bridges to Success Region 3 Oct 2015
(2015/10/20) Bridges To Success Presentation
(2015/10/26) Implications of AVATAR for ECHS
(2015/12/04) Effective Transion Counseling - Region 1
(2015/12/17) Moving Beyond HB5 Mandates
(2016/01/22) 60x30TX NTCCC Spring Leadership Conference
(2016/01/22) CPC Local Data Powerpoint Instructions
(2016/02/26) Moving Beyond HB5 Madates: Building Pathways to College Level Courses
AVATAR CPC for NTCCC January 30 2015
AVATAR Developmental Education Forum Revised March 27 2015s
AVATAR Presentation: Cisco College C5 Conference, Rethinking Core Mathematics through Vertical Curriculum Alignment
AVATAR Presentation: North Texas Regional P-16 Council Meeting Update (2012/12/04)
AVATAR Presentation: Quality Workforce at Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce (2012/09/11)
AVATAR Presentation: Rethinking Math Core through Vertical Alignment (C5 Conference, May 2013)
AVATAR Presentation: State P-16 Institute (2013/02/12)
AVATAR Presentation: Strengthening Regional Pipelines Through College & Career Readiness (Keystone Conference, 06/28/2013)
NISOD 2016 Conference
NTRP-16 Council/AVATAR Presentation 2014-03-22: 6th Annual Math College Symposium (Mary Harris and Jean Keller)
NTRP-16 Council/AVATAR Presentation 2014/1/24: NTCCC Spring Leadership Conference (Mary Harris, Jean Keller, V. Barbara Bush)
Reference List of Presentations About AVATAR
Region 2 (2015/10/20) AVATAR Vertical Alignment for Bridging Gaps in Mathematics, Oct. 2015-updated 10-17-15
UTRGV - P-16 Outreach